Each dog should be seen as an individual. The training plan is adapted accordingly. It is important when training a dog to keep in mind what the dog carries genetically AND environmentally. We believe in starting puppy foundation training very young, so that the owner can raise the puppy with boundaries, rather than set him up for failure.
Dog 1
We believe that training puppies is shaping good behaviors through positive reinforcement.


Dog 2

Look at me.

Teaching the puppy to look into the owners eyes, is a good
way to keep him from being distracted during training sessions
or at other important times.

Dog 3
Dog 4
Recall (come when called):

It is important to imprint in the puppy’s mind recalls (coming when called). This means that whenever you call him, he will come running because something good is going to happen.

Leave it

The ‘leave it’ command is very important for the puppy at this age. He learns how to postpone a desire. He wants something but we are teaching him to leave it.

Follow me

It is very important to instigate pack behavior in a puppy.




We will channel your dog’s natural drive toward games between people and dogs, so that your dog is focused on people rather than other dogs or enviornmental distractions and has a healthy outlet for his energy.

dog 7
Other experiences:

Your puppy will be exposed to other dogs, cats, and will learn that the trainer is even more fun than all these distracting things!

Crate and potty training

We will be working on potty training along with crate training.

Food and toy guarding.

We will teach the puppy not to bite or be possessive with food or toys